• NELCWIT is the sexual and domestic violence crisis center of Franklin County and the North Quabbin.

For immediate crisis intervention and support, please call our 24/7 Crisis Line:


Se habla español. We can also receive calls in more than 200 other languages through an interpretation service. All are welcome. 

Toll-free number for residents of Franklin County & North Quabbin: (888) 249-1816.

We are excited to be offering the following training workshops to community organizations and groups. Please contact for more information on scheduling a training workshop for your group!

Introduction to NELCWIT Services (30 minutes) 

A short presentation about the various services and programs that NELCWIT offers to the community, how to make referrals, followed by an optional Q&A about NELCWIT. This can be done in a shorter timeframe if you would like us to present as part of a larger program at your organization!


Basics of Domestic Violence (60 minutes) 

A brief introduction to the definition and dynamics of domestic violence. Participants will learn:

  • The definition and behaviors involved in domestic violence
  • Prevalence of domestic violence
  • The dynamics of domestic violence  (the cycle of abuse)
  • How to respond in a supportive way when someone tells you they are experiencing domestic violence
  • How to connect survivors with NELCWIT’s service


Basic of Sexual Violence (60 minutes) 

An hour long workshop that will introduce participants to the basics of Sexual Violence, including:

  • The definition(s) of sexual violence
  • Prevalence of sexual violence
  • The way our culture encourages sexual violence and blames victims
  • How to respond in a supportive way when someone tells you they have experienced sexual violence
  • How to connect survivors with NELCWIT’s service


Basics of Sexual Harassment (60 minutes) (coming soon!) 

An hour long workshop that covers the basics of sexual harassment and introduces participants to NELCWIT's services. A more detailed description is coming soon!


Domestic Violence & Sexual Violence: An In Depth Workshop (2 hours) 

A two hour workshop that will cover everything from the Basics of Domestic Violence and the Basics of Sexual Violence in a more in depth and interactive format. Additional topics include Understanding Lethality Risk Factors (with a focus on strangulation and firearms), a more in depth look at the influence of Rape Culture and Toxic Masculinity in supporting violence and abuse. Participants will also have a chance to observe and participate in role plays on how to support someone who has disclosed domestic violence or sexual assault.

The additional topics and interactive exercises in this workshop can also be presented as the third part in a series after participants have done the Basics of Domestic Violence and the Basics of Sexual Violence as parts 1 and 2.


We are constantly in the process of adding more workshops and adjusting our curriculum, so if there is a particular topic that your group is interested in more education on relating to DVSA, please reach out to us! We may not be able to accommodate your request right away, but we are interested in hearing about the educational needs of our community as we plan more workshops.



Community Organizing

We are building community power to end cycles of abuse and promote the rights of all. Come organize with us against white supremacy and patriarchy!

Popular Education

Popular education is the philosophy of both our education and organizing programs.

Training Workshops

We offer training workshops to the community that will help your group learn about domestic violence and sexual assault.

Almost twenty-seven years ago, NELCWIT was a lifesaver for me and my three kids, and none of us have forgotten. I'm just sharing this with you to let you know what a huge impact the courageous and dedicated women of NELCWIT, and the vital, top-notch services they provide, have had across time. I can't, and wouldn't want to, imagine my life without your grace and wisdom.

- Anonymous